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California Homeowners Can Stop Foreclosure with Loan Modifications, Forensic Loan Audits and Negotiated Mortgage Loan Modification Terms.

07 Nov 08 Legal Loan Relief Info

A group of experienced mortgage executives from Nationwide and Ditech banded together to create a loan modification company that provided legal protection in addition to mortgage relief.  After years of searching for the right foreclosure prevention law firm, they found law offices that shared a similar vision to protect and revive American families, the two groups came together in an effort to provide superior mortgage loan alternatives for distressed homeowners.

Legal Loan Relief announced they were joining forces with the San Diego law firm that has been practicing law in California since 1991.  With Homeowners across the country struggling with unaffordable mortgage payments it become apparent that loan modification programs with a focus on foreclosure prevention needed to be formed to help end this financial crisis.  The law firm decided to take action when they realized that a majority of homeowners could no longer afford their home loan payments and traditional refinancing solutions no longer existed.  What began as a sub-prime lending crisis clearly evolved into a foreclosure crisis that presently challenges the American financial foundations. 

Our objectives remain solidified on provide homeowners with tangible home loan solutions by means of loan modifications, forbearances, short sales and in some cases litigation.  We provide a complete forensic mortgage analysis that involves evaluating disclosures for the existing mortgages that our clients seek to modify. : Our mission comes together with productive negotiations with mortgage lenders in an effort to yield reduced mortgage payments from minimized mortgage rates. We endeavor to deliver better home financing options for homeowners that no longer have the luxury of simply refinancing.

When it comes to the home, Americans don’t take lightly to loss of equity, high mortgage payments nor the possibility of foreclosure.  If you are late on your mortgage payments you are not alone.  Our clients are homeowners just like you and with the financial crisis and high costs of energy it is no wonder why millions of homeowners are currently delinquent on their mortgage.  Our goal is to improve your situation with loan payments that you can afford.  Our attorneys and loan modifiers negotiate terms with mortgage lenders and banks all day long.

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