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California Homeowners Can Stop Foreclosure with Loan Modifications, Forensic Loan Audits and Negotiated Mortgage Loan Modification Terms.

10 Aug 09 Loan Modification CA

Legal Loan Relief has been helping homeowners with California foreclosure prevention, rate reductions and loan modification CA. Our mortgage relief team understands your rights as a California homeowner and borrower and our primray goal is to negotiate a better interest rate and terms so you can keep your family in your home. 

Don’t loose your home to foreclosure, because their are many mortgage relief options with loan modification plans, loan workouts and principal reduction possibilities where home values have slid or when predatory lending is uncovered from our free forensic loan audit. 

The California Governor has taken an agreesive approach to help stem the California foreclosure crisis with mandatory laws for mortgage lenders to provide mortgage relief with affordable loan modifications, prior to pushing forward with foreclosure proceedures.

On the Federal level, the Obama administration announced the Home Affordable Modification Program a few month ago, enabling nearly 9 million homeowners to lower their home loan payments by with a loan modification program.  A mortgage loan modification is the legal process of modifying your current mortgage note in an effort to reduce the present mortgage rate. This allows borrowers who can’t qualify for refinancing to lower monthly payment, without the traditional refinance process.

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    The purpose of my letter is two-fold.- We are a forensic loan auditing service with a powerful product called STRONG AUDIT ™ that gives attorneys strong ammunition for either litigating or loan modification. Attorneys have found that using our STRONG AUDIT ™ instead of one that they are producing gives them more savings in time and man hours, therefore, is more cost effective. Compared to other outside auditing products, STRONG AUDIT ™ gives are more detail and is not the “cookie cutter” audit that many judges are beginning to dismiss.

    First, we are looking for more qualified attorneys for our clients. Presently, we have eight attorneys primarily in LA, Orange County and San Diego who we have been referring our clients to. These clients need legal counsel to determine the best way to help them in dealing with a predatory loan. With 400+ loan audits in our queue, we are looking for more attorneys for referral purposes. It is important to know that we do not accept or expect referral fees from our attorneys.

    Secondly I would like to introduce you to our product – STRONG AUDIT ™. STRONG AUDIT offers both a technical (software) and a manual (underwriters) component. The underwriters (who possess over 10 years of experience each) go line by line looking for RESPA, TILA and HOEPA violations, misrepresentations and fraud. They calculate the APR the way it “should” have been calculated to show a “worst case scenario” of what the payment could jump to. We have an Intake Questionnaire which tells the homeowner’s side of the story which has proven invaluable time and time again. Our Call Log lists dates and conversations with the lender showing requests for documents and the cooperation the lender was willing to give.

    One of our attorneys has called our STRONG AUDIT ™ package “A Case in A Box”. I would love to stop by your office to introduce myself, our company and our product.

    Please give me a call if you have questions. I will call you to see if you would like to set an appointment.

    Teri Murphy

    Direct (949) 461-1062

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