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20 Nov 08 Loan Modifications Documentation

Getting Started with a Loan Modification

To get started, we need to collect as much information as possible in an effort to maximize the results when negotiating on your behalf for a loan modification.  Each client is unique, so we carefully review your unique financial circumstances to determine if you qualify for mortgage relief. We will review your information at no cost and let you know in 24-48 hours if we can help you.

To start, we need you to provide us some financial documentation, so we can negotiate with the mortgage lenders on your behalf.   This enables our loan modifying team us to put your loan into process.  Carefully read and check all items listed below verifying that you understand and will provide FMG Legal with the information requested.

Please Fax the Required Documentation to  (760) 946-7843 



A copy of your current driver’s license or state identification card.

A copy of your two most current and consecutive pay stubs

A copy of your monthly mortgage statement or coupon stub

A copy of Mortgage Note & Final Settlement Statement (Final HUD)

A copy of your most recent social security awards letter (if you are retired or on disability)

(Self-Employed) A copy of your corporate tax return statements for the last 3 years

A copy of your income tax return statements for the most recent two years (if you are self employed or an independent contractor)

A copy of 3 most recent bank statements (if you are self employed or an independent contractor)

Copies of all forms in this document to include the following:

Required Forms and Documents Checklist (this form)

Hardship Letter

Financial Worksheet

Authorization to Release Credit Information

Borrower’s Authorization

Retainer Agreement

Payment Authorization

If the law firm accepts you into our loan modification program we will need you to sign additional documentation, like a retainer agreement, Borrowers Authorization and the payment authorization.  Failure to provide the documentation requested may result in the dismissal of your case.

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    We help mortgage brokers connect with attorneys who negotiate loan workouts with mortgage lenders to complete loan modification agreements. If that is you… please contact me.

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    Please contact me re per file fee’s I am working for a loan modification company now, but would like to branch out on my own with the right attorney backed loss mitigation company. I want to comply with all rules and regs….Homeowners need quick mortgage relief and I want to help!
    John Werry

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