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California Homeowners Can Stop Foreclosure with Loan Modifications, Forensic Loan Audits and Negotiated Mortgage Loan Modification Terms.

17 Feb 09 Mortgage Relief Video

Finance advisor, Jason Cardiff took some time out recently to discuss mortgage relief with loan modification plans. Cardiff discusses Loss loan workout options have quickly become the “real deal” for delinquent homeowners who have been rejected for refinancing from their lender.
Watch Mortgage Relief Video with Jason CardiffIn most cases, the mortgage mitigation department of lending institutions is extending home loan relief with negotiating loan modifications that lower the interest rates and the monthly mortgage payment for increased cash flow.  

Not too long ago, the California governor, Arnold Schwarzenegger passed some landmark bills that promoted mortgage relief and required lenders and servicing companies to make every effort to modify mortgages so that homeowners could remain in their home.



The Federal government also announced that that any mortgage lender receiving money from the financial stimulus package must offer loan modifications to distressed homeowners who face foreclosure. The Federal Reserve has now made a commitment to get involved in mortgage relief programs to help stem this foreclosure crisis. These new mortgage modifications bring a new opportunity to struggling homeowners who are unable to qualify for a FHA home loan.

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